Growing a SaaS 300% is an SEO software analysis tool that helps users optimize their website for SEO and a number of other great SEO tools.

When they came to us, they had just been hit with a Google Algorithm update that affected them negatively.


Our strategy for Ninja Reports was to build more quality and authoritative content around the SEO niche, as well as create link magnets that would bring in more backlinks, resulting in better rankings for the content we create.

Ninja Reports already had good on-Page SEO and conversion rate, they just need more traffic to fuel the fire.


We began by starting an in-depth keyword and content research campaign to find really high traffic keywords with lower keyword difficulty. Once we found a number of great terms and phrases to rank for, we started building out the content.

But it’s not enough to just publish the content and forget about it. We then employed a deep backlinking and social sharing initiative to get the content more exposure, backlinks and rankings.


After a few short months of building backlinks to the content, we saw a huge reversal from the initial drop from the Google algorithm update.

ninja reports organic traffic

The results we found were over 100% traffic growth, an increase of 40% in sign-ups, and an overall increase in conversions from the content.

We were able to rank them for some of the most difficult keywords to rank for, which bring in a huge amount of targeted traffic. Keywords like, ‘website traffic estimator’, ‘domain authority checker’, and more.

ninja reports keywords

Not only that but we saw a large increase of authority backlinks pointing to the created content and product pages.

ninja reports referring domains

8x Local Dispensary Traffic

A popular local dispensary came to us to optimize their website with multiple local locations in Colorado and increase their local presence so they get more visitors to their website and into their store.


The strategy was to use our most powerful local SEO package to build high-quality citations, optimize the website for local traffic, and build some content to bring in targeted local traffic. Lastly, we optimized each Google My Business location so that it ranked top 3 in the map.


After a few months, we were able to build over 150 local citations, increase website traffic 273% and generate more calls and traffic to the dispensary locations.


The results have been tremendous for this client as they were able to double their income from online orders and in-store orders due to our SEO campaign.

dispensary traffic

rosemaryjame organic traffic