Where to Find Great WordPress Developers – 11 Sources

WordPress is a very popular and potent platform for people who want to build a website.

It’s the most widely used website development platform by far for several good reasons. It’s a free, open-source CMS with no license or support fees. Plus, it has an inbuilt blogging system, is fast and easy to install, requires low entry-level skills to learn, manage, and use and there are countless themes available.

WordPress is SEO-friendly, fully customizable, extends functions using plugins, and can easily be transferred to new servers. With its large community of developers, finding the right one is easy.

Whether you are a novice who needs help with a website for your personal use, a school, charitable organization, or a major business looking to create an e-commerce website, there are many good places to find WordPress developers.

The Best Places to Find WordPress Developers

Talking to a wide array of website development industry experts and folks who simply needed help getting their WordPress website developed, a number of sources emerged as being great sources of WordPress developers. They include:

  1. Codeable
  2. Toptal
  3. Upwork
  4. Freelancer
  5. WPhired
  6. WordPress Jobs
  7. Smashing Jobs
  8. WPMU Dev Pros
  9. Stack Overflow Careers
  10. ClickWP
  11. Mode Effect

These are all good places to find a highly-skilled, professional WordPress developer.

Contacting them can make what could be a long, grueling, daunting, task of finding the right developer for your WordPress website fast and easy. Most of these sites take the time necessary to vet their developers to be confident they are competent, well-trained, and talented enough to provide clients excellent WordPress development services.


Codeable is a top outsourcing platform for people looking to find expert WordPress developers because they pre-screen each developer and put them through a strict vetting process.

It’s 100% risk-free to work with the WP experts at Codeable. They stand behind their work and give customers a full refund if the website development services they receive don’t provide satisfactory results. When businesses are looking for WordPress development help, experts recommend and a large and growing number of people turn to, Codeable.


This site is made of an exclusive network of some of the world’s top WordPress devs, freelance software developers, and finance experts. Their very rigorous screening process ensures only the world’s best talent work from this site. When you hire a freelancer from Toptal to do your WordPress website development, you can rest assured you will get great results.

Visit this site when you want a developer with the talent, expertise, and experience to create a top-notch WordPress website. You can eliminate lots of hassles, headaches, and leg work by working with a Toptal developer.


Among the largest and best online job marketplaces, Upwork lets customers post a detailed description of the website development job they need to be done, and prospective candidates bid for it.

Every WordPress developer on Upwork displays a detailed profile and many examples of their skill tests, jobs completed, ratings, past website development experience, and much more.

Upwork has WordPress developers with varying levels of skills and experience, so customers can find the perfect balance between the level of skill of the developer and what their budget can afford. You select and interview the best developers and hire the one you think is best suited for your job.


Another extremely large online website development jobs marketplace, Freelancer.com has a very large community of freelancers well-versed in WordPress website development.


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The site maintains each freelancer’s detailed profile for clients to review. You can then communicate directly with and interview any of the freelancers you choose to learn more details about their skill level, expertise, special talents and experiences.

Freelancers of all skill levels respond to each job listing. This enables clients to do their due diligence and find the right WordPress website developer for their needs.


This WordPress specific job board is popular among the top freelancers and WordPress companies. It lets people list their job listing for free. People can also subscribe to paid listings. This enables their jobs to be featured or be listed for a much longer time period. You can also add freelance, part-time and full-time gigs as well.

WordPress developers can create an account and submit their resume. However, WPhired also allows people to apply for job without having to create an account. If you are looking for a WordPress website developer, its up to you to do the screening yourself.

WordPress Jobs

This job board is officially maintained by WordPress.org. You can post jobs for free without having to create an account.

People love that there are neatly organized categories of job listings. WP Developers interested in the job you posted can contact you using the method specified in the job listing. At that point, you can evaluate them and make your choice.

The job listings are not verified by WordPress.org and they do not have any control over the level of training, expertise or experience of the WordPress developers that get in contact with you. Doing screening is your responsibility.

Smashing Jobs

Run by Smashing Magazine, Smashing Jobs is renowned for being among the internet’s highest quality and most popular web development publications.

Listings for full-time positions cost $225 and freelance gigs listing cost $75. This helps to keep the overall quality of the listings very high. Listed jobs remain active for up to 60 days, and there are discounts available for nonprofit organizations. The main site has more than 4 million monthly users. This ensures a large audience will see the job board.

Smashing Jobs is used by major companies like Amazon, Activision, Electronic Arts, MIT and Tesla Motors. It has a reputation for attracting top development talent.

WPMU Dev Pros

WP developers pay a $49 monthly fee to be listed on the jobs board at WPMU DEV Pros. This keeps the quality of WordPress developers this jobs board attracts very high.

The monthly fee tends to act as a filter that weeds out applicants that are not serious about the craft of website development. Each developer on WPMU Dev Pros maintains a private profile that lists their skills, reputation points and reviews of their past work.

The developers on WPMU DEV Pros earn reputation points for being generally and genuinely helpful in the community.

Stack Overflow Careers

Many WP developers worldwide see Stack Overflow Careers as a godsend. It is the first place many of them call every day when they have technical questions that few people can answer.

Stack Overflow Careers also does a masterful job of matching employers and clients with the perfect WordPress developers. For individuals, corporate entities, and companies serious about trying to find top talent and excellent WordPress developers, Stack Overflow Careers is a great resource.

The annual fee to access the Stack Overflow Careers candidate search board begins at $2,499. Each month, more than 50 million unique visitors worldwide peruse the Stack Overflow Careers main site to find developers that have the right skill set for the pressing, important jobs they need to be done.


When individuals or commercial enterprises in the know are using WordPress and need reliable support they turn to the specialists at ClickWP.

The services this site offers include theme customization, WordPress migrations, malware or hack repair, and much more through on-demand website setup tasks and monthly plans. ClickWP can provide fast, cost-effective solutions to issues with basic WordPress website development work like tweaking your CSS, customizing your WordPress theme, and configuring a plugin. If you need basic website development tasks done without hiring a developer, contact ClickWP.

Mode Effect

Mode Effect provides enterprise companies and e-commerce stores with effective web development solutions. They specialize in extension development and WooCommerce that helps to increase sales as well as extend your store’s functionality. Mode Effect also offers custom theme development and complete website redesign services.

If you need an integration configured or something that does not exist created for your store, Mode Effect can take care of it for you. Working with Automattic, Mode Effect developed the official affiliate program website for WordPress.com. Mode Effect has also worked with major brands like CompTIA, Disney, the Phoenix Suns, and WooCommerce.

In Conclusion

There is a wide range of WordPress developers available to help you build any type of WordPress website you want or need. With a little research, you can even find several free or low-cost WordPress developers that can help you with your website.

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