11 Popular Websites that Use WordPress

Today, WordPress is used by small individual bloggers and big corporations alike. In total, it powers nearly one-third of all websites in the world.

If you are just curious or trying to find inspiration for your new website, then this article is meant for you. We have collected some of the biggest and coolest websites that use WordPress as their CMS.

Now, let’s check out some of the biggest and best companies that use it:


Created in 2012, Quartz covers every aspect of the global economy and delivers business news across the world.

With the understanding that most people access the internet using their mobile devices and tablets, this website uses the responsive option provided by the WP web page builder to rearrange their content depending on the user’s device. This enables Quartz to look great on mobile phones and tablets naturally.


Quartz is a good source of credible information. Unlike the way traditional news sources operate, Quartz emphasizes on digital storytelling. By use of the WP web page builder, the developers of Quartz designed it to incorporate the benefits of the web with the elegance of an application.

This website enhances readability with little distraction. They use a single fullscreen image to dominate an individual post, providing a glimpse of its topic. When you click on the post, you access the content which has a few photos and well-chosen typography.

The site operates on an infinite scroll, which reduces the navigation burden on menus and works great when reading communally.

The New Yorker

This is a weekly magazine that provides news on international affairs, politics, technology, popular culture, art, and business. They also report on humor, poetry, and cartoons.

The website, like Quartz, is responsive and looks great on computers and mobile phones alike.

To generate revenue, The New Yorker has a digital subscription plan, a print, and a combination of both. The digital plan is better as you can access their news archive dating back to 1925. Subscribers can log in and access premium content from any device and from anywhere in the world.

the new yorker

Due to the large number of topics it covers, its menu is much more extensive than that of Quartz. The website is dotted with images of all sizes, but there is a lot of white space left on the page to increase viewers’ appeal.

BBC America

bbc logoBBC America is an entertainment website. It has natural history, sci-fi, movies, and drama.


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Most of the content on the website is about TV shows. It also provides scheduling information, video content from teasers, and blog content about the entertainment business and TV shows.

The followers of their TV shows use the website to keep track of the timing and release date of their favorite shows.

The scheduling page of BBC America runs on Thematic, a free theme provided by the WP web page builder. The website also has a lot of content that links back to the BBC news website.

Time Inc. (now Meredith)

This is one of the most well-known brands in the world. In fact, more than 50% of the USA’s population engages with this brand in a month.

This website is mostly descriptive of the Time Inc. brand and other brands in its portfolio.

On the website, you’ll find information about their leadership, history, company profile, corporate and social responsibility, career opportunities, and investment information.

Like any other corporation whose primary motive is to make money for their investors, they have a report of their quarterly earnings on the first page.

Unlike most corporate websites, Time Inc. is far from boring. It has excellent imagery that not only makes it exciting and visually appealing but also distracts visitors to the fact that it belongs to a large corporation.


The magazine is one of the most read and recognized in the world, with a readership of over 25 million as of 2012. It is also ranked no — eleven in the most circulated magazines in the USA.

As with any other news outlet magazine, their design is based on a side menu. There is very little white space on the website as its primary purpose is delivering news as fast as it can. It also has excellent, insightful, in-depth articles. Unlike Quartz, there is less emphasis on readability.

time inc wordpress website

Their landing page has a lot of information on it, mainly because they publish on a vast range of topics. The site uses both large and small images with thumbnails accompanying various articles on the website.

The use of a WP page builder is of much help because such a site has multiple authors and full-time staff whose content is checked by numerous editors before being published.


They cover breaking news in the tech sector. They also write about startups and a variety of internet products. Its founder, Michael Arington, started TechCrunch to share information about new companies that are changing the technology sector.

tech crunch wordpress website

The website’s menu is relatively simple, and the content is presented in a grid-like format that works with a timeline system. The timeline system is essential because the primary purpose of the website is to provide content about breakthroughs in the tech world before anyone else.

The timeline format places the most recent content first hence is ideal for content presentation.


IFC is an entertainment website that focuses on comedy and drama.

It has a lot of easily accessible scheduling information. It also hosts information on movies, blogs and also has some video content.

ifc wordpress website

Unlike most websites that prefer using a lot of white space, IFC’s background is black with bold and back typography against a light-blue background.

Thrive magazine

Thrive magazine reports on fitness, sports, nutrition, and entrepreneurship.

The website uses a black background with white text and a simple menu to help navigate the website. It’s simple and straightforward design is what adds to its appeal as a sports and fitness magazine.

The Next Web

This website covers a variety of topics on the internet and technology. Most of the content is about technology with insights into the tech world and money.

the next web wordpress websirtwe

The website, like most tech websites, has many images with their corresponding articles displayed on a grid. It uses a sticky menu that always stays on the screen. The sticky menu makes its users experience better as it eases navigation through the enormous amount of content posted on the website daily.

Fortune magazine

This magazine is also a subsidiary of Time Inc. The website is quite crowded with content, but this is common for a website where content is generated at a very high rate and a large number of stories that need reporting in a short time.

fortune wordpress magazine

Fortune Magazine is very purposeful in bringing insightful articles and news from the world of business.


problogger logoProBlogger is very popular among freelance writers and internet marketers. It has a blog, eBooks, podcast content, and a prevalent job board.

The website design is not that great, but the success of the website itself is overwhelming. When you take a look at this website, you’ll be amazed at how good it is when it comes to attracting the right type of visitors and connecting with its audience.

It incorporates a fairly simple design making it very easy to navigate. Its simplicity is a major contributing factor to its success.


The user-friendliness, extensive collection of themes and plugins that support any function you can think of to optimize your website are just some of the things that attract many people and companies to choose WP as a host to their websites.

More than a third of content management system-based websites use WP, and why they use it is pretty clear. If you are building a website, you should consider using WP. It will save you time and allow you to access your dashboard where you can create a website of any design of your choosing.

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