Top 15 Elementor Themes for WordPress

best wordpress themes for elementor

Many WordPress users know the name Elementor for its creative and one-of-a-kind design techniques as well as its modern, customized layouts. However, for those wishing to join the website and blogging community, it can be daunting to learn all the necessary tools required to build your own page and learn the best businesses and websites that can help you run your online site.

Elementor, however, makes this easy and fun with its free design elements, as well as professional packages if necessary, to help you get whatever job you need to be done. With the combination of the WordPress site and community offering a quality platform and the supremely innovative and well-thought Elementor design plug-in, quality website content creation is just a few steps away from anyone in the world.

What is Elementor?

Elementor is a plug-in replacing the original basic WordPress designer with one that has optimized tools and customized design themes to meet your needs.


These design layouts can be free or purchased, with both categories being professionally built and optimized for their users. Elementor gives you a greater ability to create specific business forms for your website, establish visually striking elements and graphics without interfering with layouts or coding, and eliminate problems and stresses that come with creating content online.

Along with these startling features, Elementor offers a strong community base to answer questions and extremely well-put-together tutorials on how to best optimize your design theme to fit your webpage. With these features and many others, Elementor is leading the future of web content creation.

15 of the Best Elementor Themes for WordPress

There’s a vast spectrum of Elementor themes on the market today, and it can be difficult to choose the best designs to fit your specific website or blog. However, with proper research, and the right strategies, content creators can find unique and fascinating themes to custom fit their needs and goals.

Below are some of the up-and-coming design themes this year for Elementor that are compatible with WordPress:

Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro is a much more modern design theme that is great for use with content and informational websites or blogs, such as sites for cooking or hard skills, as well as for sales.

It can be used for plenty of other types of WordPress sites as well, and its color schemes are incredibly individualized and offer visitors a unique experience upon entering the site. Hestia features a fully customizable homepage for any type of online presence that you need, and their site lists numerous online examples that their theme is currently being used in. It has incredible templates to choose from for all types of professions, such as lawyers, travel agencies, Ecommerce, and many more.

This incredible innovation custom-fits your design layout to your business with a bright and positive template that will promote your company or independent contractors.


With professional-grade visual editing and customization, as well as exponentially superior drag and drop methods for designing your WordPress layout, the Divi Elementor theme can easily be rated as one of the most effective platforms for creating content online.

This platform is especially great for sales sites, or for people needing space for quality, professional-looking blog or informational content. It has over 40 different website elements, and over 800 pre-made designs, giving you amazing online opportunities.

With a variety of different products to suit your needs, Divi can give entrepreneurs amazing opportunities in the modern world.


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Orfeo is a great template builder for professional companies, academic sites, as well as sales businesses, among many other things.

With SEO Optimization and superior WooCommerce features, Orfeo is a layout design that can work wonders for all types and varieties of businesses, and has great features for mobile-friendly use, making this layout incredibly compatible for sites needing a wide audience array.

Orfeo has free, premium, and platinum packages that offer varying levels of customization and support, giving you the exact toolkit for what your online needs are.


With over 600,000 installations and a five-star rating, Astra is an incredible theme creator designed for maximum speed and capability.

It is trusted throughout the web design world for its top-grade professionalism and layout and can be counted on for the most difficult projects. Its coding enables it to work optimally with all webpage builders like Elementor, and its tools and programs are focused on maximum usability and compatibility, making this one of the best WordPress themes yet.

LT Creative

Focused on creative businesses like photography, art, or design, LT Creative has a unique, refreshing layout that can bring more customers to your business site immediately.

Offering an incredibly mobile-friendly layout, as well as great color schemes and design looks, LT Creative is an innovative platform that enables WordPress users to get the most out of their site and enable their businesses to grow and expand their online presence.

LT Author

LT Author is an incredibly innovative and professional-grade layout for authors, journalists, independent contractors, and other businesses of that nature.

It is optimized for individual promotion, as well as advertising for things like artistic works and writing, and can be a creative tool for bringing your solo or team businesses increased growth, profitability, and notoriety. LT Author is available in modern color schemes that can be fitted for the specific individual or profession’s needs, giving designers the ability to custom fit their website to their specific trade or skill that they are marketing with complimenting themes and colors.


The Tesseract Elementor theme for WordPress is a vivid and uplifting layout that can be optimized for many different varieties of online businesses and websites or blogs.

It has a wide range of advanced layout features to model your website to your specific style and already has over 277,000 downloads, proving that it’s a popular website layout that has numerous applications and features.

Tesseract offers remarkably fast loading times, as well as beautiful, mobile-friendly layouts.


With exclusive design elements made specifically for Elementor, Rhodos is a one-of-a-kind layout for WordPress that offers key elements that enable online site creators to develop highly precise and definitive platforms for their businesses.

With things like calendars and contact forms, demo concepts, and integrated plug-ins, Rhodos offers users with high-quality, professional-grade content to create premium websites without extensive time and labor requirements.


With a rather unique layout, GeneratePress is a great design template for blogs and news websites, offering an individualized viewing experience for online and mobile users.

Adding less than 15kb to your page size, it can be optimized for premium viewership, placing content closer to each other without the feeling of crowdedness. Another key feature of GeneretePress is that it’s currently translated in over 25 languages, making it a unique theme for writing sites. This professional-grade news layout is great for journalists or businesses that need a key online presence to generate readership growth.

With many interactive building features that allow premium flexibility without sacrificing design or look, GeneratePress is a truly remarkable Elementor layout for WordPress sites.


With a vast customer support base and superfast speeds, OceanWP layout for Elementor is one of the most advanced themes on the market.

It is also the fastest-growing Elementor theme for WordPress, with over 2.2 million downloads to date. Along with this, the design also offers incredible features like Quick View, and Off-Canvas Filter and a Floating Add to Cart Bar, bringing superior organization to online selling sites. This theme also has a vast array of demos to choose from so you don’t have to start your online content from scratch, which can be superbly helpful for those in a time pinch, or newer users. Great for use with many different varieties of websites and blogs,

OceanWP offers state-of-the-art extensions, allowing friendly user interface and easy compatibility with other connected sites like Instagram. This design is also incredible for mobile and tablet layouts and offers many tools that other layout packages do not include, making it a valuable and trend-setting theme for the future of WordPress.


Phlox is one of the more innovative themes compatible with WordPress and Elementor today, with its drastic design and eye-catching features.

As a #1 recommended theme by Elementor, Phlox combines usability, lightning-fast speeds, and an excellent support team to create an interface that is truly unmatched. Phlox has over 30 exclusive elements for online content, a superior live theme customizer, and combines advanced features with simplicity and user-friendliness in a unique and individualized method.

With many different site demos to choose from to get started, it also enables users to reduce the time they spend on design issues, and to focus more on content creation and unique innovation.


A Good Fit for informational news and blog sites, Tabloid offers a classic theme with unparalleled support and speed and enables website creators to manage their online presence with very little work and frustration.

With its minimalist design features, Tabloid creates a space where visitors focus on the more important information on the site and creates a platform that is much easier to use than some more complex themes, as well as incredibly mobile and tablet-friendly layouts, attractive to a much wider and more modern market base.


ColorMag is another interesting layout theme for top-notch news and blog sites and can be personalized to fit creative and individual themes that establish a recurring customer and user base. With superfast design speeds and user-friendly applications, this theme currently supports over 100,000 sites on the internet, showing you its popularity and compelling design features.

ColorMag is available in a variety of different layouts and variations, giving the site builder many options to choose from when promoting their particular information and site.

Along with these amazing tools, ColorMag is translation ready and boasts a vast community support network.

Public Opinion

The Public Opinion Elementor theme for WordPress is a truly contemporary design, combining elements of a traditional and professional news site with more modern and dramatic characteristics, creating an online presence that is not only visitor-friendly but is visually striking, promoting a content space that people will return to again and again.

By combining design simplicity with striking visual tools and quality graphics, Public Opinion manages to develop an aura of curiosity around the news sites that use its theme, capturing online attention to draw individuals into the site further and creating a reliable consumer base.


With over 10,000 installations, the I-Max layout theme for WordPress and Elementor may not be as well-known or used as some of the others on this list, but it’s interface and design techniques offer a creative and unique space for many types of websites and blogs while offering magnificent layouts and color schemes. Supporting many various tools that can be inserted into the website design, I-Max offers customized features for professional-grade companies that are more large-scale, or first-time website builders looking for ease of creation and compatibility.


These are only a few of the countless Elementor themes available to WordPress users in 2020, but they are some of the fastest-growing and best-rated on the market.

While online users have different and sometimes opposing goals when it comes to content creation and publishing, these themes offer up plenty of design solutions as well as effective layout tools, incredible speeds, and dramatically superior help and customer support teams to help you get the most out of your WordPress content.

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