8 Best Coming Soon/Maintenance Plugins for WordPress

You might have been wondering what to use or how to put your WordPress site in maintenance mode.

Putting your WordPress site in maintenance mode will allow you to upgrade your site without having any downtime. These coming soon plugins give a timeline or a notification on new products you may be working on so visitors are in the know.

Here are the 8 best coming soon/maintenance plugins for WordPress:

1. Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Plugin

One reason this plugin made to the top of the best WordPress plugins is the back-end demo that you can easily access by clicking. You will not need to register with an email. Using the demo, you get a clear image of how the plugin works and its capabilities.

You will find the admin settings pretty straightforward. Controlling the status of the maintenance mode is quite accessible since the options are on and off. Apart from being a great plugin, Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode Plugin also comes with a list of questions and answers that you might get to ask. This gives you an easy time when figuring how to set up. You can also organize and decide what to give the priority.

The plugin comes with many on-demand capabilities and features for building and implementing the coming soon modes.


  • A list of many under-construction pre-designed pages and templates with professional visuals and layouts
  • High-resolution images for your needs and taste
  • Drag and drop building capability that implements in real-time
  • SEO optimization tools
  • Filters for Instagram
  • Capability to upload Vimeo and YouTube videos
  • Email subscription that gives you the chance to boost the email collection before your website is up
  • Progress visuals like countdown timer and progress bars
  • Social media icon support
  • Autoresponders and mail marketing capabilities
  • Custom styles that are developer-friendly

This plugin is a premium product. You can get a package containing all your needs for just $29.


There is a free version available that comes with a limited number of capabilities.

 2. WP Maintenance Mode

If you are budget sensitive and need a great plugin to inform your website’s visitors of a maintenance session, WP Maintenance Mode is your go-to plugin. It is a free open source plugin that gives you all you need with no strings attached—wondering if it provides all the premium features? Of course not. If you chose to use this plugin, you would only be provided with bare-bone options that provide simple maintenance or coming soon view on your WordPress site.

That should, however, be enough. The plugin has a toolkit with all the necessary features and customization to put your website in maintenance mode.


  • Background image, texts, fonts, and colors that you can easily customize.
  • Countdown timers
  • Subscription forms that capture the emails and contacts of your visitors
  • Has supported the multi-site capabilities
  • Social media icon support
  • Capability to interact with your site visitors using a built-in Chabot
  • It can remove login URLs in the maintenance mode

The plugin is self-explanatory, and therefore configuration should be hassle-free.


  • The functionality offered is limited as compared to other plugins

3. Maintenance Pro

Maintenance Pro is a paid plugin that you will love. It offers a creative and super professional design with ready-made templates for your coming soon pages. It is a premium package but with vibrant features for the free version. It is also worthwhile noting that the pro version is very pocket friendly and affordable. In the free version, you can easily customize your colors, text, backgrounds, fonts, logos, and icons. Google analytics and a full-screen background are also supported.


  • An easy to understand interface for editing
  • Cool countdown times with stunning designs
  • Background gallery that can be full-screen
  • Support for background video with auto-play options
  • Social media profile integrations
  • Capability to blur the background
  • Email campaigns monitor integration using MailChimp
  • The plugin supports multiple translations

Unlike the other maintenance plugins – for everything you need – the Maintenance plugin has you covered. For the most basic capabilities, the free version will be more than enough. However, if you need a bit detailed feature, you will need to spend a little on the pro version.


  • The plugin features are only accessible after purchasing a premium version

4. Under Construction Page Plugin

You might find the Under Construction Page Plugin the fastest and easiest way to get you started building a great page that notifies your visitors of ongoing construction. The easy and fast integration is due to the awesome ready-made templates that you can deploy without much effort. It ensures that you are saved from the giant task of designing the templates yourself. You will also find that you don’t have the time for a from-scratch designing and building of a downtime page when your website gets broken.


  • The user-friendly editor that uses drag and drop to make your templates fully personalized
  • SEO optimization
  • It provides an image search that is supported by Unsplash
  • Traffic tracking and Google Analytics
  • Ready-made built-in contact form for email contacts
  • Access control
  • Zapier integration and MailChimp for email campaigns

If you want to put your website in a maintenance mode and don’t have the time to wait, this is a convenient plugin.


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  • Drag and drop is not a choice most developers would take. It would make you feel not really in control of your site.

5. WordPress Coming Soon

WordPress Coming Soon is a WordPress plugin that comes in both the free and premium versions. It has pretty the same functionalities as the other plugins. However, with the premium version, you get to add more functionalities to the page. These include animations, background sliders, or add some fancy features that make the coming soon page pretty interactive.


  • A great level of customization for logos, background colors, and images.
  • Video backgrounds (YouTube videos)
  • Countdown timers that come in three designs and a lot of customizable appearances
  • Email subscription capabilities with a subscription form
  • Social media platforms integration
  • The plugin also supports fav-icon upload

Though this is not a plugin that offers ready to roll templates, it provides a deep level of customization that adds to the better implementation of your coming soon page.


  • The video backgrounds can sometimes make the delivery speeds of the site lag

6. Coming Soon WP

If you need a minimal design that communicates the necessary information in your coming soon page, Coming Soon WP provides you with just that. The plugin comes in both the free and premium versions. The premium version will give you features for email campaigns, newsletter subscriptions, and other marketing services. Some of the integrations for email campaigns include Madmimi, Icontact, Mailchimp, and GetResponse.


  • Uploading background images, customizable color schemes, and fonts and also contact info capturing.
  • Supports social media profiles
  • SEO optimization in the description and titles
  • Slideshows in the background for up to 5 images

If you need extra features, such as google fonts, UAC control, and design templates, you can purchase the premium version that goes for a minimum of $19.


  • The premium version for this plugin contains minimal functionalities

7. SeedProd Coming Soon Plugin

Alright, now you want a top of the ladder plugin for a coming soon page. SeedProd Coming Soon is a cool plugin that will settle pretty much all your needs. You can get it by making a free download or paying a small fee for the premium version that gives you a more feature-rich list. This plugin is a favorite for many WordPress experts and also is used by many WP users. The real-time drag and drop builder makes it a cool plugin.

If you are a minimalist and just need a simple coming soon page with only the required information, the free version will be enough. However, the free version gives you more control and customization on your page. However, if you want to unlock all the plugin features, you can purchase the pro version.


  • A visual page builder that is user friendly
  • Free images for the background and also access to google fonts
  • Pre-built templates for your coming soon page
  • Email marketing services with Zapier
  • Social platform icons
  • Slideshows that cover the whole screen
  • Embedded photo and video
  • Progress bars and countdown timers
  • Multi-site support
  • Custom fav-icons
  • GDPR support
  • Support for google analytics

You can also test the back-end capabilities for free.


  • It is not entirely free

 8. EZP Coming Soon

For just 15 dollars, EZP Coming Soon is another plugin that you can implement on your website to notify your visitors of a coming soon product or service. If you are not the spending type, there is also the free version with some very generous features. Features like countdown timers are offered as a premium feature in other plugins. However, the feature is free on the EZP plugin.


  • Customizable backgrounds
  • MailChimp email auto-sync
  • Advance UAC
  • Social Media Integration icons
  • Full-screen video and image background
  • Customizable logo, fonts, and animation effects



  • The premium version is not as featured as some other premium plugins


Now you are aware of the plugins, making a selection is dependent on your needs. The simplest integration would only need a free version of one of the above plugins. A more detailed plugin page will probably require you part with a few dollars. But you will find it is worth it.


86 / 100

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