Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

best wordpress contact form plugins

It’s a simple rule of business that you want to make it easy for people to contact you.

With a contact form, anyone can contact you online at any time, making it easier for you to communicate with potential clients or partners.

But many web design firms will charge an arm and a leg just to add a contact form to your website. With a WordPress website, though, its quite simple to add a contact form to your WordPress website.

By installing one of the plugins below, you can have a contact form on your WordPress site in minutes.

In this guide, I will show you the best WordPress contact form plugins:

Contact Form 7

One great aspect of this contact form plugin is that it doesn’t suck you in with a free version and then make you pay to gain the necessary functionality.

It gives you all the contact form features that most small businesses and blog websites will need and is absolutely free. Despite this, Contact Form 7 not lacking in support, which includes documentation, an FAQ page, and a support forum. It enables you to build as many forms as you need, populated with fields you customize and lets you place them in seconds where you want them on your website.

With over five million active installations and a 4.9-star average rating on the WordPress plugins page, this form plugin has the power and ease of use that website designers want.


The Jetpack Plugin actually incorporates a number of features for your WordPress website including site security, performance enhancement, and site management. So, if you’re only looking for a contact form plugin, and already have some of these other things handled by another plugin, this may not be for you.


If you don’t though, then Jetpack is an excellent plugin that includes forms and so much more, which may be why it has over five million active installations.

It utilizes an intuitive drag-and-drop builder and is simple and streamlined. It’s made by the creator of WordPress, so compatibility is never an issue.

Ninja Forms

With plenty of templates available, you can get your contact forms set up fast. Ninja Forms provides 27 different types of fields you can put in forms. It has a free version, but you need the premium version for the best form templates.

It also gives you useful options like conditional logic where the available fields change depending on how the respondent filled out earlier fields. Not only that but it links with email marketing services such as MailChimp and major CRMs.


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Hubspot WordPress Plugin

This Swiss Army knife of a plugin does far more than forms while still doing forms quite well.

hubspot wordpress plugin

It integrates CRM, email marketing, live chat and analytics together with forms, which enables you to manage all of your customers and lead communications in one convenient place.

This free plugin utilizes an intuitive form building interface with unlimited fields and submissions. Also, if you decide you like Hubspot’s other features but prefer another contact form plugin, this plugin works with many other form builders such as Gravity Forms and Ninja Forms.

Ninja Kick

This simple yet powerful form creator lets you use almost any element on a webpage to reveal the form for the visitor. This includes having animated forms slide-in from the side of webpages, which should grip the visitor’s attention. Unlike many on this list, the Hubspot is not free, but the one-time $19 fee is low and does cover a year of support and the WordPress Plugin is free.

The test mode enables you to try out your forms without anyone else seeing, and its forms work as well on mobile devices. Interestingly, Ninja Kick works with Contact Form 7 to add more advanced options to its form creation and placement abilities.


See changes as you make them with this easy-to-use form builder’s drag-and-drop editor. It can also create forms on platforms other than WordPress.

ARForms prevents spam without having to force users to endure Captcha, and it has four different types of form submission actions. There are tools for analyzing the data in forms that are submitted, and it has the capability to create multi-step and survey forms. It has a free demo, but if you like what you see, the full-featured plugin will cost you $39 as of this writing.

It can certainly be worth it if you need its fairly impressive functionality, but for simpler needs, there are free contact form plugins on this list that are more than adequate for most website’s needs.

Gravity Forms

This contact form builder for WordPress is only for those committed to their business and website since it only comes in a paid version that starts at $59 for a single site and $259 for an unlimited number of sites. Despite this, it’s a fairly popular contact form builder, which says something about how good it is. Needless to say, it has all the high-end features such as conditional logic, multi-page contact form support and file upload support.

For more complex contact forms, it gives the user the option to save and continue filling it out later. Gravity Forms provides excellent support, and it integrates with a number of add-ons, apps and services such as Dropbox, Freshbooks, MailChimp and Stripe. If you need its range of options and functionality, you won’t find much better, and it’s worth the price for its features.

Formidable Forms

It’s so easy to use that the creator of this form builder claims people can get a beautiful form completed and operational in one minute.

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is a highly rated contact form plugin that comes in a free version and has two premium versions that only have different price points depending on whether you’re using it on one site or any number of websites. It has the drag-and-drop interface that is shared by some other intuitive contact form plugins, and this one will give most website developers all the functionality they’ll need in a form creator.

That being said, if you want multi-page forms, smart forms with conditional logic or forms with file uploading ability, you’ll need to shell out the money for the premium version.

Simple Basic Contact Form

This one is just like it sounds. It gives you a clean, simple interface to get basic contact forms up and running quickly.

Simple Basic Contact Forms are secure and lightweight in terms of system resources, so they are fast and functional. It effectively blocks spam with captcha questions and is easy to install and customize to your needs. It may not have all the features of some of the other form plugins, especially the premium ones, but it will be sufficient for the vast majority of users and is completely free.


This one combines the advanced options and ease of use that will please both the novice and someone who needs a really feature-rich contact form generator.

wp forms

It comes in a free and a premium version. WPForms is both popular and loved by its users. This is evident in that it has over three million active installations with an average 4.9-star rating. It’s considered the near-perfect combination of power and ease of use by many.

Websites with simple contact form needs may never have to go beyond the free version. If you find your business grows and your form requirements become more sophisticated, the premium version will always be there. It gives you multi-page forms, email subscription forms, conditional logic and payment integrations.

In Conclusion

The above mix of best WordPress contact form plugins should be enough to give you at least a couple of solid options to choose from depending on your particular needs. They run the gamut from free to those that have free and paid versions and finally those that are only paid plugins. As a general rule, you’ll get more functionality if you’re willing to part with some money, but most of the free options above will give an average blog or small business website owner all the capabilities they’ll need.

WordPress provides an excellent platform to create websites for any conceivable need. One of the things that make it so powerful is the incredible number of plugins and add-ons for it on the marketplace. Giving your prospects and customers as many ways as possible to contact you is a solid business practice. With this in mind, don’t miss out on integrating one of the above contact form plugins into your WordPress site. It could be the difference between making a sale or not.

87 / 100

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