Best IDX Plugins for WordPress Real Estate Agents

IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange and is a way for real estate brokers to exchange listings and data between each other online. It’s also known as real-time data feeds.

It is an automated system that collects information from various MLS websites, aggregates them, and makes them available as a single feed. The MLS (Multiple Listing System) is a listing database where property listings are stored and maintained.

One advantage of using an indexing service over traditional MLS systems is that the indexing services aren’t restricted to any geographic area.

IDX WordPress Plugins for Your Real Estate Website

IDX Broker

I love this plugin because it’s extremely user-friendly and easy to install. A lot of plugins tend to be hard to navigate and don’t provide enough information about what they do. However, the IDX broker makes using its features simple and intuitive.

Listing Customization

This plugin is great for any real estate website whether you’re running a residential home listing site, commercial property listing site or both. If you’re interested in learning how to build a successful real estate business online, this is a good starting point for you.

This plugin does not require you to pay anything to use it, however, it has some features and pricing options that may make you consider upgrading. If you want some additional features, you can upgrade at any time without any monthly fees.


  • Listing Type – Multiple types of listings including single-family homes, condos, multi-family units, mobile homes, short sales, foreclosures, land, etc.
  • Searchable Attributes – Showcase properties based on specific attributes like price, bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, and many others.
  • Property Images & Details – Each property includes high-quality images, detailed property descriptions, and other relevant information.
  • Email Notifications – Each property includes a link to send email notifications directly from the listing page.
  • Google Maps Integration – Add Google maps icons to each property’s description page.
  • CRM (Customer Relations Management) integration.
  • Mobile Ready – Great for Android and iOS devices.

Pricing: IDX Broker is priced at $55/month for the lite plan and $90/month for the platinum plan.


idx plugin for wordpressRealtyna WPL plugin is one of the best WordPress real estate plugins that helps your site become smarter, faster, and easier to use. You can import MLS listings directly from Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., and display them in any way you want.

You can set search criteria to display only homes for sale, condos, single-family homes, land, etc. You can even set up separate categories, price ranges, and location filters to help you find what you’re looking for. The system is built to work with your phone, tablet, or computer – no matter what device you use.


  • Listing & Selling Property.
  • Marketing Tools.
  • Social Media Integration.
  • CRM System.
  • Dashboard Reporting.
  • Property Management Software.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Interactive Maps & Directories.
  • Property Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Mobile Apps.
  • Blogging Tools.

Pricing: Realtyna is priced starting from $49.95 per month.


FlexMLS  is a free real estate listing plugin for WordPress that offers features unlike any other plugin on the market today. It makes adding listings fast and simple while providing the best results possible for both agents and buyers.


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  • Multiple Listing Services (MLS) integration – Full compatibility with over 40 different MLS providers.
  • Auto-complete search form – Agents can type keywords to find homes.
  • Customizable display options – Set how many listings appear per page, whether to sort by price, bedrooms, etc.
  • Featured listings – Add featured listings to the home view.
  • Bulk upload – Upload listings via CSV/Excel.
  • Email notification – Receive email notifications when new listings are added.
  • Advanced filtering – Filter listings based on various criteria including location, number of beds/baths, open houses, and much more.
  • Listings history – View previous listings.
  • Agent login – Log in as an agent to add listings directly from your Dashboard.
  • Auto-save – Automatically save changes before moving to the next page.
  • Unlimited listings – No need to remove old listings.
  • Mobile friendly – Design is mobile optimized and responsive.

EstateVue IDX

EstateVue IDX plugin is designed to give you full control over how your property listings appear on search engine results pages (SERPs). It was built on top of Google’s real-estate API, making it a powerful tool to add rich features to your real estate website.


  • Full control over listing content including photo galleries, videos, maps, and descriptions.
  • Multiple listing formats, price filters, image filters, price per square foot, map integration, and much more.
  • Fully customizable layouts to fit any size home page.
  • Completely responsive design – no need to resize your browser window.
  • SEO optimized code, clean HTML & CSS coding, and semantic markup.
  • Easy setup, just point your domain at your server IP address; no database or hosting requirements.
  • Automatic updates for free.


There is a flat fee of 25/month to access the EstateVue software.

Showcase IDX

Showcase IDX is a powerful plugin designed specifically to showcase your listings.

idx plugin wordpress

Whether they’re a single property or hundreds, show them off on your website and drive more traffic to your listing pages.


  • Listing Previews
  • Property Photos
  • Multiple Listings & Search Options
  • Featured Properties
  • Mobile Friendly
  • SEO Optimized
  • Showcase Category Support
  • Social Media Integration
  • Email Notifications
  • Contact Form
  • Multiple Listing Pages


Starting at $59.95 monthly.

Rover IDX

Rover IDX is a fully featured real estate search plugin designed specifically for real estate professionals and agents. It is a powerful real estate website plugin that lets you add listings directly to your site.

Listings can be added via RSS Feeds or manually uploaded. It’s highly customizable, allowing you to set different listing layouts, pricing, and display options. You have complete control over how listings appear on your site, whether they go live instantly or after approval.

Features Include:

  • Manually upload and manage listings
  • Automatic categorization of listings based on MLS data
  • Fully customizable listing page design and layout
  • Multiple listing types
  • Unlimited number of listings per category
  • Multiple listing options
  • Option to use free ‘unlimited’ listings
  • Configurable email notifications and automatic updates
  • Display listings on any page using HTML/CSS code
  • Google Map integration
  • Email campaigns sent out automatically
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Customizable homepages
  • Set expiration dates for listings

Pricing: Starting from $39 /month.

Wovax IDX

Wovax IDX plugin is a fully featured high-end real estate plugin that gives users the power to easily add listings, search results, and property details to their websites.



  • Fully Responsive Layout – This means that the layout adapts to fit ALL devices including mobile phones, tablets, and computer screens.
  • SEO Friendly – Our team spent hours crafting each section of the site to make sure that Google knows exactly what information should appear where. So if you want your listing to rank higher, just let us know.
  • Easy Installation – Using only 2 steps, our installation wizard guides you through the entire setup process. No coding skills are necessary at all.
  • Beautiful Design – Each page features professionally designed themes with customizable widgets and layouts.
  • Multiple Listing Types – Add images, prices, contact info, and even video tours for your listings. There’s no limit to how many listings you can display on one site.
  • Live Search Engine Results – When someone searches for nearby homes, your listing appears at the top of the list. Just upload any image and it’ll show in the search results.
  • Custom Page Layouts – Easily customize the look and feel of each page using drag ‘n drop functionality.

Pricing: Wovax IDX is priced at $49/month Per IDX feed, per website, per month, or $490/year.

Apex IDX

Apex IDX plugin helps you manage your listings much easier than ever before. You no longer have to spend hours entering data manually each month. All your listing information is neatly organized and presented so that you can easily access it at any time.

This is a powerful listing management solution designed exclusively for real estate agents, brokerages, and property managers. The ultimate goal of this software is to allow users to get their work done faster while making more money.


  • Listing Management
  • Multiple Listings
  • Multi-Property Management
  • Email Notifications
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Home Page Widget
  • Unlimited Properties
  • Multiple Agents
  • Agent Dashboard
  • Property Details
  • Listing Statistics

Pricing: The Premium Plan is being offered at a discounted price of just $39/Month

Impress Listing

IMPRESS Listing is a powerful real estate listing plugin, built specifically for the IDX market. The plugin works with hundreds of websites and Property Managers. Impress Listings will allow you to add listings directly from MLS using just about any MLS database. You can even import/export listings between different apps and platforms.

In addition, you can choose whether to display MLS data under the property listing, or under additional tabs such as Neighborhoods, Schools, etc. You can also control what info shows up on the listing page such as an address, map, price range, and description.

Lastly, you can use the plugin’s advanced features to promote listings based upon various criteria including price, number of bedrooms, lot size, proximity to amenities, schools, etc.


  • Integrate with over 200 MLS
  • Automatically pull data from MLS using REST API
  • Display recent listings from each MLS
  • Include price range
  • Exclude specific property type
  • Allow users to search by city, state, zip code, address, or neighborhood
  • Allows users to set custom markers

Benefits of IDX

  1. A boost in exposure

A listing site with an IDX service account gains a significant amount of exposure from being indexed and included in the major search engines. If a client lists their home using an IDX service, it creates a profile for them and submits their information to various websites. As long as their property meets the criteria set forth by these websites, their property will show up when someone performs a web-based search.

  1. Improved SEO

Having an IDX account gives your site increased credibility with search engines. Search engine optimization experts agree that having a properly formatted and optimized site increases the chances of your listing appearing high up in the SERPs. Having an IDX account helps in this regard by enabling you to add relevant metadata to individual pages that make your site look more authoritative. This is done by submitting information about what is happening on your site whenever any change occurs, including changes to properties, prices, images, etc.

  1. Increased visibility

IDX accounts give your clients access to additional marketing channels, including social networks, blogs, video-sharing websites, photo-sharing sites, local directories, mobile apps, etc. These channels offer potential buyers and sellers a way to learn more about your listings.

  1. Higher click-through rates

When a client lists their home for sale with an IDX company, it lists the property on multiple sites simultaneously. Each site generates its own IDX citation, which is then submitted to Google. Because of this, when viewers visit a particular site, the listing appears right away, instead of having to wait for the site to load. Your client receives several clicks before anyone else does, thus increasing the likelihood they will view your listing.

  1. Increased Traffic

There are many different ways to generate traffic to your property listings. Most commonly, people want to visit an online listing site to look at real estate listings. An IDX solution is designed to help you increase the number of visitors who find your property information via any number of search engines. By including the proper keywords throughout your listing pages, you can easily drive targeted traffic to your home.

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